How I found a unique story in Hawaii

Some of the clients we work with wonder if they have a unique enough story to tell. The truth is everyone has an interesting story. It’s just a matter of finding it and then telling it to the right audience.

Let me tell you about a time where I had to find a unique story in an oversaturated subject: travel.

In the summer of 2012, I was planning a trip to Hawaii. The islands are possibly one of the world’s most popular destinations and travel magazines receive hundreds of pitches about Paris, Hawaii, New York. Why would someone be interested in yet another story of Maui?

I learned that a chef was opening up a new restaurant in Maui. He was celebrated chef and one of the founders of a regional movement bringing back local ingredients to Hawaii’s food scene. This made him more interesting than the average chef, but it still wasn’t a story that would catch the attention of an airline magazine.

I started chatting with the Public Relations person of the hotel where the restaurant was opening, the bartenders, and also did online research. After some digging I hit jackpot: this chef just happened to be Former President Obama’s favourite chef. Now that I knew what my headline was I pitched it to an airline magazine and the story was published in August of that year.

Finding out this information wasn’t a lucky break. Hone your sense for looking for stories and you will catch the attention of your customers. Need help? Book a consultation with me and you’ll walk away with three story ideas about your business. Email me at to get started

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