Hi! My name is Seema Dhawan.

I’ve loved stories for as long as I can remember.

As a child, I always got into trouble for reading too many magazines and comic books.

As an adult, I became an editor and journalist for publications such as USA Today, WestJet Magazine, Uber Eats, and The Huffington Post, where I helped launch an edition.

I have interviewed hundreds of individuals, from politicians and CEOs, to entrepreneurs, and have never walked out of a room without a story.

I’m the founder of Content Celebrity and a content strategist who has helped numerous brands and entrepreneurs improve their business strategy and content.

ATBX Accelerator, Entrepreneur Mentor

Founding Editor, The Huffington Post Alberta

How it all began

In 2016, I noticed that all my friends were coming to me with similar questions. They wanted to know how they could create better stories, communicate with their clients, and build a connection. I started coaching entrepreneurs through an experts consultation website and after a busy year launched Content Celebrity.

Since then, Content Celebrity just took off. I’ve worked with tourism boards to audit their stories, a data agency in South America changing the world, beauty brands, doctors, and countless entrepreneurs.

The one thing my clients have in common is that they have something special to offer to their customer base and I help them communicate it.

Our Mission

At Content Celebrity, we are on a mission to show people that they matter. We do this by helping entrepreneurs and creatives tell their story well, which communicates why they matter. You have something amazing to share with the world and we will craft it in a way that catches the attention of your audience. We are here for results.

“Seema was incredibly helpful, knowledgable, and enthusiastic. Since she’s a journalist and editor herself, she has insider knowledge about how those doing PR for a brand can work well with journalists, and how they’re mutually beneficial.

I highly recommend reaching out to Seema for a call, you’ll love the ideas she shares!”


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